You have probably heard of geocells and how these sustainable Soil Stabilization Systems designed specifically for land reinforcement whether it be for agriculture or for major construction/infrastructure projects.

However, what is it exactly that makes geocells the ideal soil management solution for your project? Continue reading to find out.


Some Amazing Benefits of Enviroweb Geocell Solutions

1. Long-Lasting Infrastructure

Geocells are basically perforated Cellular Confinement Structures designed to hold in the soil to provide a stable and at the same time flexible base for civil engineering projects including everything from pavements, roads, and highways to channel protection systems and steep embankments.

One of the major benefits of Enviroweb Geocell Solution for construction/infrastructure projects is that they act as an efficient load distribution system, thereby preventing cracks in pavements, roads, etc., and making them long-lasting.


2. Increased Slope Protection

Geocells also offer a more durable slope protection system as opposed to conventional stone pitching or the use of mulch mats.

Unlike stone pitching that requires a considerable quantity of stones which have to be carefully set by a skilled craftsman and require regular maintenance or mulch mats that lack durability, geocells can be simply filled with locally-sourced materials and are suitable even for steep slopes.

An added bonus-you can even grow vegetation on slopes created with geocells or just fill them with good old concrete, with geocells you can do anything you want.


3. Economica

As mentioned above geocells do not call for the use of any exclusive material, so unlike other soil stabilization systems, you do not have to spend a fortune on transporting expensive filling materials or any specific soil type. Geocells are designed to offer strength, flexibility, and durability and you can fill them with locally available infill material that is best-suited to your needs.

This also reduces the overall time spent on procuring and transporting materials and speeds up your project.

Benefits of Enviroweb Geocell Solution: you also save on maintenance and repair costs as projects constructed using geocells stay good for a long time.


4. Durability

When you go for soil stabilization with geocells, you are also signing up for a soil stabilization system that offers increased strength and endurance for your structures. Made from polymeric strips, these cellular structures exhibit high resistance against high temperatures and thermal cycling.


5. Environment-Friendly

 Geocells are great construction solutions and not just because they are low in cost and high in strength. These 3-dimensional structures can be filled with anything from local soil to concrete and gravel and therefore do not require intensive quarrying. Since the material is sourced locally and does not have to be transported, this also lowers your carbon footprint.


Last but not the least- you can also use geocells to build green slopes or retaining wall systems with vegetation. These are some benefits of Enviroweb geocell solutions, contact us for more information. Also, share this article and spread the awareness of the modern construction solutions.