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Enviroweb® provides you with a highly effective load support system that can be used to rebuild or repair poor-quality roads, parking spaces and even sort out your yard surface problems caused by a variety of factors, ranging from poor or subgrade materials to instability of the base material. As a base material under pavement, the Enviroweb® material significantly reduces the pavement lifecycle costs. When confined, base material requirements can be reduced by 50% or more by substantially reducing the loading on subsurface soils.

Whether the load is concentrated or distributed, the three-dimensional cellular confinement structures enclose and trap infill material, thereby preventing shearing, lateral, and vertical movement of the filler material.

And that’s not all, the Enviroweb® load support system also reduces the pavement lifecycle costs significantly, i.e., 50% or more when used as a base material, as it substantially reduces the load on subsurface soils. As a result, your excavation and granular infill needs are significantly reduced and this also reduces your overall installation costs.

The Enviroweb® load support system also acts as an effective surface stabilization system, distributing surface pressures in case of static or dynamic loading and this, in turn, controls rutting and reduces your long-term maintenance overheads.

On the other hand, if are planning to use permeable filling materials with high porosity, our system offers numerous environmental and stormwater containment benefits.In case of topsoil or aggregate infill, the Enviroweb® containment unit can be used to create a vegetative surface that is used to support occasional loads.


  • Produces a stiff base with high flexural strength; acts like a semi rigid slab by distributing load laterally.

  • Reduces vertical deflection and subgrade contact pressures.

  • Minimizes impact of differential and overall settlement even on low – strength subgrade.

  • Increases effective structural number, reducing fill depth requirement.

  • Allows use of inferior quality granular materials instead of costly imported ones.

  • In case of permeable infill material, our load support system also minimizes stormwater run-off and effectively fulfills the role of an onsite stormwater containment unit; as an added bonus it also boosts groundwater replenishment.

Application Areas

  • Permanent & temporary site access roads

  • Permeable, load-supporting surfaces

  • Inter-nodal / Port facilities

  • Transportation / Storage yards

  • Stabilized drainage layer

  • Rail road track ballast / Sub-ballast structures

  • Roadways shoulders (Vegetated or porous aggregates)

  • Stabilized base for Asphalt / Modular block pavements

  • Foundation mattresses and pipeline protection

  • Trail and walk ways

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Load Support System
Load Support System
Load Support System