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A retaining wall system is specifically designed to hold back or retain soil. The purpose is to create strong, long-standing earth retention walls, easily constructed with speed and flexibility. The Enviroweb® geocell retaining wall systems have long-term strength and endurance, exhibit dimensional stability in case of thermal cycling and environmental sturdiness. All these factors guarantee assured and dependable performance throughout the duration of the projected lifespan.

Many options of walls are available depending upon the usage like:

• Steepened walls  • Geocomposite walls  • Gravity walls


  • Enviroweb® geocell retaining wall systems have durability and high dimensional stability in terms of exhibiting low creep or slope movement even in the face of high temperatures and increased resistance against thermal cycling.

  • Greater resistance to photochemical disintegration, oxidation, leaching of additives and UltraViolet (UV) light.

  • Faster and easier construction as compared to poured concrete

  • The system uses local soil, eliminating the need for expensive imported infill materials.

  • Other advantages include low cost of installation and the requirement of minimal machinery for a building.

  • A green earth wall with vegetation, beneficial for the environment and aesthetically pleasing.

  • The inner cell walls with perforations that allow the subsurface water to flow out naturally, as the result the pore water pressure of the walls will be reduced naturally.

  • Cell-based retaining wall systems do not require any foundations and can be built on currently existing profiles.

  • Holds structural stability for all types of loading via mass and fractional values of the filling material, especially in environments with soft soil.

  • Can be built at challenging sites, with poor quality compressible soil and poor accessibility.

  • Can be blended into any landscape through the use of appropriately colored fascia panels.

Application Areas

  • Biologically-engineered or green retaining walls

  • Steepening embankment slopes

  • Sloping walls for hilly terrains, i.e., retaining/ toe walls

  • Gravity walls

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Geocell Retaining Wall Systems
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