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Project Description

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  • The Enviroweb® slope protection system counters hydrodynamic and gravitational forces by trapping, fortifying and restraining the upper layer of soil along with the infill materials to control downward-slope movement.

  • Enhances structural confinement and slope protection via effective containment of soil, vegetation, and granular mediums like gravel, sand, large stones/rocks.

  • Can be transformed into a concrete mat that exhibits flexibility alongside in-built joints that can be further expanded when the cells are filled with concrete.

Application Areas

  • Cut or fill embankment slopes

  • Shoreline revetments

  • Abutment protection

  • Storm water/waste water lagoons

  • Containment dikes and levees

  • Geomembrane protection

  • Landfill linings and covers

  • Dam faces and spillways

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Slope Protection System
Slope Protection System
Slope Protection System